We know that the commercials are almost as exciting as the game itself for many people watching the Super Bowl. So at halftime, we urge you to “tune in” to the Kosher Halftime Show, hosted by Jewish radio icon Nachum Segal, www.nachumsegal.com, to see our commercial. #baskinthecool

The Kosher Halftime Show will feature Soulfarm, led by Grammy Award winning guitarist C Lanzbom and lead singer Noah Solomon Chase. Together with drummer Ben Antelis and Grammy Award winning bassist Mitch Friedman, Soulfarm will play three songs, including the debut of “Shalom Lach Eretz Nehederet.” This Hebrew song is a remake about wandering away from and then returning to Israel.

Nachum’s trademark humor and commentary on the Jewish music scene and Jewish community life will provide background for the entire program.