Preparation for Pesach takes on a whole new meaning at Shaare Zedek, thanks to its unique commitment to top quality medical care, infused with Jewish tradition.  If you think cleaning your home and cooking for your family is a challenge, just imagine what it’s like to prepare for the hundreds of patients, staff and visitors who will come through Shaare Zedek’s doors over the holiday!

Weeks in advance, planning begins for the massive logistical undertaking that is ensuring all facilities throughout our two main campuses are chametz-free.  This ambitious mission is overseen by the Hospital’s rabbi backed up by an extensive team of assistants and volunteers who work with our maintenance crews and department heads to ensure that every corner has been checked for any forgotten bread or snacks.  Several days before the onset of the holiday, chametz is no longer allowed in the building and everyone entering is asked to refrain from bringing in any chametz.

A similarly ambitious plan goes into effect in the kitchen where thousands of pounds of matzah must be ordered well before all the dining services are switched over to Kosher for Passover.  This year, some additional planning is necessary for the Shmita year where we can only order certain produce, but that’s just one more challenge we welcome.  It’s also important to note that the Shaare Zedek has recently come under the direction of a brand new head Chef, Moti Buchbut.  Chef Buchbut comes to Shaare Zedek following stints at some of Jerusalem’s top kitchens, specifically at the Inbal and King David hotels.  So we know he’s been looking forward to putting some of his favorite Pesach recipes to the test at the Hospital.

Once the candles are lit and Pesach begins, every effort is made to make the time as festive as possible.  Numerous centralized Seder services are held throughout the medical departments.  We have had many new mothers who celebrated Pesach in Shaare Zedek describe the experience as one of the most memorable Seders of their lives.  For patients who can’t make their way out of their rooms, volunteers come to them.

This combination of advanced, innovative medicine and attention to our patients’ every needs is the legacy of Shaare Zedek and one in which we can all take great pride.

All of this is only possible because of your support.  Thank you for all you’ve done to help make this Pesach a happy holiday for all of our patients, visitors and staff.