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Operation Iron Swords

Critical Equipment Needed

Memorial at Shaare Zedek for our staff's families. May their memory be for a blessing.

Dear Friends,

As of this writing we have treated over 100 patients who have been directly injured in the South or from subsequent attacks. We previously reported on a woman who was hit by shrapnel in a neighborhood outside Jerusalem. Thank God we were able to save her life following a complex surgery to address multiple injuries and internal bleeding.

The emotional toll of these events is extremely trying. We already know of eight close relatives of our staff members who have been killed. Two of the sons of a senior nurse left their homes on Shabbat morning and were both killed in battle. This is just one horrific glimpse into what we are dealing with now. Almost everyone has a personal connection, whether it is knowing the victims, or dealing with the immeasurable fear associated with children, colleagues and friends who have been sent to the front.

Shaare Zedek’s human resources, social work and psychology departments have been working around the clock to help both staff members and the general community deal with the emotional and mental health aspects of the crisis. A dedicated unit has been set up for this purpose, and we have already treated many patients with thousands of inquiries.

Currently, an intense focus is on preparing for all types of emergency response scenarios for the injured – both from the Jerusalem area and other fronts. We are working furiously to prepare additional areas in the hospital to make sure that all patients in every department will be protected against missile attacks. We are increasing our number of ICU treatment areas which will require new equipment. Additional imaging and monitoring equipment will be needed throughout the medical center as well.

As you all certainly understand, the situation is constantly evolving and extremely trying. We live with both the expectation and fear that very challenging days lie ahead.

We will need your help, both moral and financial, to address this crisis. Your continued caring and support is both welcomed and deeply appreciated.