An Inspiring New Video

Please watch this inspiring video of what it was like to be a patient in Shaare Zedek’s Covid-19 Unit.

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Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem Health Day 2020

Enjoy Shaare Zedek’s Virtual Health Day videos
Behind the Scenes with Covid-19 and How to Build Resilience with our Guest Speakers:
Dr. Ofer Merin, Director-General of Shaare Zedek
Charlie Harary Esq, and Dr. Chaim Putterman-Einstein/Montefiore
Guests of Honor: Stephanie, Thea and Hannah Katz
Watch the full program, or scroll down to see individual presenter videos
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Full Program

Dr. Ofer Merin
Director-General of Shaare Zedek Medical Center

Charlie Harary Esq.
Business Executive, Author & Prolific Speaker

Dr. Chaim Putterman
Prof. of Medicine and Microbiology & Immunology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine & Montefiore Medical Center

Guests of Honor – Stephanie, Thea and Hannah Katz

Dr. Howie Goldschmidt
President, American Committee For Shaare Zedek

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Saying Thanks to the Healthcare Teams on the Frontlines

Over the past two months, the staff of Shaare Zedek Medical Center Jerusalem / המרכז הרפואי שערי צדק worked tirelessly to build infrastructure and to form, train and manage teams to treat coronavirus patients. Shaare Zedek adjusted its operations among its different departments to accommodate for the needs of treating coronavirus patients as well as ensure the safety of all patients, staff and visitors. These efforts involved modifications by members in almost every department within our medical center and required constant planning and adjustments to meet the needs that arose as the situation evolved. It has been an incredibly intense time.

As the numbers of people infected with the coronavirus in Israel decreased, Shaare Zedek closed several departments which were dedicated to treating people infected with the coronavirus, increased the regular operations and recently moved the remaining areas for treating coronavirus patients to a new isolated area.

As the team finished moving the equipment from the control room for the coronavirus patients, the walls of the room covered with thank you notes and cards from the patients and the families that had been sent to the staff of Shaare Zedek stood out. It was a very moving moment. The quantity of the cards and the sentiments that had been expressed were overwhelming.

Over the past several months, Shaare Zedek Medical Center treated thousands of people infected with the coronavirus. We are proud to be at the forefront of the effort to treat coronavirus patients and we wish all of our patients much good health.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #ThankYou

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    Holocaust survivor, 99, recovers from COVID-19; her husband died from it

Holocaust survivor, 99, recovers from COVID-19; her husband died from it

Sara Itzinger, whose husband Zvi Herschel was virus victim, hailed by MDA paramedic grandson as a ‘strong, surviving woman’; couple met in the US after WWII

A 99-year-old woman who survived the Holocaust has now also overcome the COVID-19 illness after a month of hospitalization, Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center confirmed Monday.

“Thank you everyone, I just want to get home,” said Sara Itzinger after being discharged from the hospital, the Ynet news site reported.

[Read full article at The Times of Israel]

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    Tamar Kirschenbaum – selected as one of fifteen outstanding nurses across Israel

Tamar Kirschenbaum – selected as one of fifteen outstanding nurses across Israel

Congratulations to Tamar Kirschenbaum who was chosen by the Ministry of Health as one of fifteen Outstanding Nurses selected from across the country in honor of International Nurse’s Week.
Tamar has been working at Shaare Zedek for the past six years, four of them in our Zvi and Betty Ryzman Family Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Most recently, Tamar has been working in Shaare Zedek special Keter ICU for treating coronavirus patients.

Tamar shared, “I chose to become a nurse because I wanted a profession that was interesting and satisfying. I enjoy working in the ICU where the patients are highly complex and the nurse to patient ratio is much lower than in other departments (one to two). In addition, the staff is highly knowledgeable and skilled and my boss, Chaya Broyer is the type of boss everyone would like to work for…Shaare Zedek is where I was born and in the hospital there is a real feeling of a warm family and it makes me feel good to be part of that family.”

With regard to the award Tamar shared, “I dedicate this certificate of honor to the patients, for whom we have the responsibility and the privilege to play a significant part in advancing their physical and mental health during their difficult times and in honor of their families who face boundless worries and fear of the unknown and who need a shoulder to lean on and guidance…I am proud to be a nurse in Israel and in a hospital where nurses are a significant and inseparable part of optimal patient care.”

Ms. Gali Weiss, the Deputy Director General and Head Nurse of Shaare Zedek Medical Center said, “Tamar reflects the spirit of nursing at the Shaare more >

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I Know why the Coronavirus ward dances

This wonderful article from the Times of Israelhighlights the supportive and compassionate culture at Shaare Zedek.

In Shaare Zedek Medical Center’s first isolation wards for treating coronavirus patients, Keter Unit 1 and 2, there were good vibes.

Yep, that’s right. Good vibes.

Even during moments of tremendous stress, when the number of patients skyrocketed and the outlook felt bleak, the Keter team — nurses and doctors, cleaners and physiotherapists, social workers and Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers, interns and receptionists, orderlies and nursing assistants, security, nursing students, and dietitians — found ways to support each other. They rallied around their coworkers, and very quickly, became a family.

[Read full article at The Times of Israel]

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Zoom Corona Update – April 30

Listen to the update from Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem with Dr. Ofer Merin and Professor Jonathan Halevy as they shared stories from the Keter Ward and answered questions.

User 699337879 · Corona Update 30 April 2020

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A Different Yom Haatzmaut

This year, the ceremonies for Yom Haatzmaut have been quite different. During the ceremony broadcast from Mt. Herzl last night, many missed the traditional drill exercises performed by soldiers bearing the flags of various IDF, police and fire and rescue services units when the soldiers create different structures of well-known symbols.

Thank you to the skilled and compassionate nurses of our Zvi and Betty Ryzman Family Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for this wonderful clip where they form an EKG to the song traditionally played during this part of the ceremony, Zemer ha’Plugot.

Happy Yom Haatzmaut!


Video credit: Tal Heres

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An Update from the Hospital

Dear Friends,

Like everyone around the globe we are trying to establish some form of normalcy in an abnormal situation.

As tonight marks the beginning of Yom Hashoah let us remember that we have been through far more difficult and traumatic times in history. Life is stronger than anything else and hopefully all of us will soon be able to assume some form of a more regular lifestyle.

Below please find the latest update from Shaare Zedek.

Rachel Wolf

Pesach at the hospital was certainly unique and challenging. As you can see from the photos, we succeeded in getting the hospital ready for the holiday, as always. This year, this included individual Seder Plates for every patient throughout the Medical Center – in place of the central gatherings in each department which we hosted in years past. And no shortage of Matzoh Balls…

As you are likely aware, and we have had the chance to discuss in past updates and our Zoom briefing, Israel has been largely successful in preventing the outbreak from consuming the healthcare system. While there sadly have been over 170 deaths to date, we know that this number pales in comparison to the devastating rates seen in other countries. We know that this is in large part due to the early and comprehensive action that Israel took in closing borders and imposing distancing restrictions.

In terms of our activities, Shaare Zedek remains the most active hospital for Corona response in the Jerusalem area. As of today (Sunday), we are treating 92 patients in the hospital, out of which 35 are listed in serious condition. We maintain six individual Keter (Corona) Wards and a dedicated ICU just for COVID- 19 cases. These numbers confirm that indeed the curve is more >

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Wishing You A Pesach Of Healing and Redemption

Dear Friends,

We are all experiencing a different kind of Pesach this year. It may not be what any of us had planned, but we hope it will be meaningful and inspirational.

During these days of uncertainty, we are proud that Shaare Zedek has risen to the occasion and is serving as a beacon of hope, healing and compassion to the people of Jerusalem and the world at large.

Click here to listen to yesterday’s informative and inspiring briefing delivered via Zoom by our Director-General Prof. Ofer Merin and President Prof. Jonathan Halevy.
Click here to listen to Rachel Gemara, a nurse in our Keter Corona Department, who was interviewed by our good friend Nachum Segal on his broadcast this morning. Thank you Rachel for your dedication, sensitivity and optimism.

Please accept our warm wishes for a Chag Kasher V’Sameach, and most importantly, may it be one of health for you and your families.

Rachel Wolf
Howie Goldschmidt
The Entire Shaare Zedek Family

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