Benny’s wife was treated at Shaare Zedek Medical Center for six weeks. Below please find the translation of his moving Facebook post where he shared his kind words about their experience at Shaare Zedek.

“To the entire staff of the Internal Medicine Department A in Shaare Zedek Medical Center who are so dear and so loved, may you have a blessing from above. Yesterday, we left Shaare Zedek and we are starting a new way.

Six weeks we were under your dedicated, professional, diligent and compassionate care.Long ago, I stopped counting the days and hours I spent in the ward, next to my wife’s bed, there were many, and we met during those hours, face to face. I saw you working so hard and with dedication.

I saw you going from bed to bed, from patient to patient and giving each and every one everything they need with great professionalism and love.

I saw you treat each patient as if he was your only patient in the entire ward at that time and only the one you were treating.

You approached each [patient] gently, carefully, with compassion, “asking” permission to stab them with a needle and take blood. “Asking” permission and apologizing for needing to stab them again, inserting a new infusion because the previous infusion needed to be replaced or for any other reason, and every time you did it like it was the first time. You tried not to hurt the patient and apologized explaining that you had no choice. I saw the compassion in your eyes with every stab, I often felt your heart “go in” along with the needle into my wife’s vein.

You felt my pain, you rejoiced in my happiness, I could feel the worry in your eyes, in the few words you spoke, I felt your big hug when you saw how complicated and complex the situation was.

I felt that you cared about us, that you cared about what was happening to us. You were interested, you asked, you offered help, you hurt, you wished us all the good that could be.

I saw the joy in your eyes when there was a slight improvement in her eating, getting up, walking. Some of you even encouraged us with words of joy, I felt that we were important to you.

Even as we were going out, being released, you asked me to call to let you know that everything was fine. Even once we were outside of the hospital, when you had already completed your work [with us] and you were helping the next patient who came to the ward, you continued to worry for us and it was important to you that we keep you updated.

I don’t understand where this all comes from?? From where is your amazing patience? Your devotion? Your mercy? Incredible caring? From where is the light that exudes from your face? That smile that never leaves your face even when you have to do less pleasant tasks?

From where do you get the strength to help the patient’s family members and not just the patient himself? From where is your patience and compassion for the family who asks and asks and wants to know and understand—the family, who is embarrassed by a difficult situation and you calmly explain, and patiently again, each time, as if it were the first time.

From where is your great love that can be felt in the air of this hard and painful department …You stay and we leave.

One war ended here, in the department, thanks to your professional work, dedication and warm and loving heart.

You have gone above and beyond. You fought for the [patient’s] body and you succeeded. Miriam is leaving here [the hospital] healthy despite the difficult and dangerous situation she had been in over the past month.

Your war is over. Our war begins and I do not know which is more difficult, the battle over the body or the one over the soul, the human soul which is part of G-d above.

Thank you all for everything you did for my wife even though it was not easy.

Thank you all for how you treated us, each and every one of you in his or her way. If each of you had not been here, it would not have happened.

Thank you for giving me the strength through this difficult period.

Thank you for your optimism even during the difficult and painful days.

Thanks for the hand that you shook. For the smile you smiled at me.

Thank you for hurting with me and for rejoicing in my joy.

Thank you for all that you are.

I will remember your kindness in my heart, your dedication, your great caring, and I will draw strength for the battle that lies ahead.

May all your good work be blessed,

The entire Wurzman family: Benny, the children and the grandchildren.