Jacob is holding the tzedaka box that his great-grandparents Sidney and Betty Adler were given when they were honored by Shaare Zedek.

Dear Friends and Family,

In honor of my Bar Mitzvah, I visited the Wilf Children’s Hospital at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem this past summer. I visited as part of my family’s commitment to the hospital that dates back about 100 years. It started with my great-great-grandfather Nathan Adler and continued with my great grandfather Sidney Adler, Treasurer of the American Committee for more than 30 years, who also served on the International Board of Governors. The legacy continued with my grandfather and father and I am so happy to a part of my family’s involvement.

Please help me donate priority equipment to the Wilf Children’s Hospital at Shaare Zedek as part of my Bar Mitzvah project.