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Hip Joint Replacement Using Innovative Navigation Technology

A First at Shaare Zedek in Israel

For the first time in Israel, two operations were performed at Shaare Zedek Medical Center to replace a hip joint using innovative navigation technology.

The surgeries were carried out by the team at the Joint Replacement Unit – Dr. Yadin Levy, Dr. Moshe Lifschitz and Dr. Michael Toybenshlack. Dr. Levy, Director of the Joint Transplant Unit, went to Australia to specialize in joints surgery using navigational technology and has now begun doing these operations in Shaare Zedek.
Brain Lab’s advanced navigational technology – in partnership with Johnson and Johnson –allows the surgeon to implement an early surgery plan programmed in advance. During the operation, a number of sensors are placed on the patient’s foot and basin bone, which show the different parts of the joint. The system presents the overall picture in real time, which enables maximum

Dr. Yadin Levy: “The surgeries were very successful and we expect the patients to make a full and speedy recovery, especially as the women are already walking again with the help of a physiotherapist. In recent years, due to the ageing population, there has been a rise in the number of joint replacement operations. Despite developments in surgical approaches and transplant quality, one of the challenges in this area is still the instability and fragility of the joint, which often arises from the way in which the different elements are implanted during the surgery. The navigation system allows for precision in implanting the elements and reduces the margin of error. Another challenge is recreating the hip joint’s biomechanics, particularly the length of the leg. The navigation system predicts the expected results at the end of the operation. With the help of this information, we can adapt the length of the leg during the surgery so that both legs will be of equal length by the end of the operation.”
Navigational systems have been on the market for a number of years but many surgeons have avoided using them till now due to the complexity of operating the system and the length of the surgery.
Shaare Zedek sees great importance in integrating advanced technologies in the joints replacement field. The navigation system used yesterday is simple to operate and does not significantly increase the duration of the surgery. We believe that the chief advantage of using this technology is maximum precision in the implant area, which leads to improving the clinical results and the survivability of the artificial joint.

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