Over 3,000 children from across Jerusalem Region came to Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Friday, July 3 to celebrate the opening of the Wilf Children’s Hospital. The new Hospital boasts cutting edge medical technology and has been built to the highest standards of patient safety, inspired by designs of leading pediatric facilities around the world.

The interior aesthetics of the new Hospital were carefully designed to benefit patients, staff and visitors. Immediately upon entrance, one notices the bright and “child-friendly” colors and layout designed to allay children’s fears and provide distraction from any discomfort that comes from hospitalization.

Shaare Zedek Director-General Prof. Jonathan Halevy said, “We looked for the best way to let children and their parents know about the opening of the new Hospital. Instead of investing in advertising, we decided to do something that would benefit children. We designed an event which combined fun, culture and education about healthy habits. The children enjoyed themselves and I believe that if, unfortunately in the future they require medical care, they come back to a Hospital they know is less threatening for them.”

The children took part in an array of activities including a climbing wall, painting and performances, all for free. Thank you to “Tikva Umarpe” and the numerous corporate sponsors who made this event possible.