As rockets from Gaza continue to target Jerusalem, the Hospital staff – especially in the ER – has mobilized quickly in case of casualties.

In addition, there are safe rooms throughout the Medical Center.  For example, Shaare Zedek’s entire second floor, the Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Floor, houses the Weinstock Family Department of Emergency Medicine and Matloff Emergency Disaster Preparedness Center, which can transform quickly into a fully functioning underground medical facility.  This floor presently houses the emergency departments, pharmacy, surgical operating complex, medical imaging facility, key communications facilities, and other core operations. It also includes a large, protected facility of approximately 15,000 square feet which can accommodate 150 newly admitted patients and/or patients already admitted to the Hospital who could not be otherwise relocated as well as a treatment and decontamination unit with specialized isolation areas to deal efficiently with large numbers of patients and a comprehensive computerized system to permit patients to be tracked and directed for appropriate treatment.

When the Code Red siren sounded at Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Tuesday, July 8,  nurses in Yoldot Daled (Mother and Child D) in the new, Next Generation Building, calmly helped women out of their beds and instructed everyone, patients and guests, to go to the baby nursery which is a ‘safe room.’ As one new mother remarked, “the staff was very calming and reassuring. It was amazing; the babies did not even need to be moved. One of the nurses was calling the patients’ names, checking hospital bracelets and matching babies with mothers. Others helped patients call their families to make sure that everyone was okay at home.”  Likewise, the new Huberfeld Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides protection for babies requiring the most intensive care without having to move them. The entire section is in a “safe room” and as a result only the safety windows needed to be closed.

Visitors and staff at Shaare Zedek are never far from a “Protected Space” when they are in the Hospital  If a Code Red siren goes off, they simply need to follow the signs indicating “Protected Space” that are located throughout the Hospital in order to take cover in one of the safe rooms.  All of Shaare Zedek’s medical departments and public areas have quick access to shelters or safe rooms.